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The assessment tool lets us accurately estimate the conversion effort

The assessment tool is aVB6 code analyzer, which traverses your code and generates a concise and thorough report. Once you send us the report, we can accurately estimate the scope of the migration.

How to use the Assesment Tool

The assessment tool is a simple VB6 code analyzer that runs from the command line

What is the assessment tool?

The assessment tool is a command line utility that parses your VB6 project source files and then generates a report. The tool uses plain regular expressions and does not suffer from "false matches" (e.g. keyword that appears in a remark or in a quoted string). The tool has no network capabilities and does not transmit any data over the network.

How do I use the assessment tool?

After you've downloaded and extracted the .zip file, please open a command prompt (Windows only), navigate to where you extracted the files, and run the tool like the example below.

VB6ANALYZER.exe C:\SourceCodeDirectory /out:C:\Report.txt In case your source code is scattered in directories that don't have a common root, you can also specify multiple folder names as in this example:

VB6ANALYZER.exe C:\FirstApp C:\SecondApp /out:C:\Report.txt

What requirements should I have to use this tool?

Being a .NET application, the tool requires that either Visual Studio 2005/2008 or the .NET Framework 2.0/3.5 be installed on the local computer. If this isn't the case, you can download the .NET Framework from here

What happens during the analysis?

During the analysis, the assessment tool displays the name of all of the files being parsed and then a summary of all the code it has parsed. All relevant information will be in a permanent copy in the file named Report.txt.

I ran the tool. What's next?

Please email us the report from the assessment tool.

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